Printable 2025 Calendars PDF


Check out the selection of the best Calendar Templates containing calendars for all occasions. Download the calendars you need in print-ready PDF format and use them with pleasure, effectively planning your schedule and quickly tracking dates and events.

The selection presents annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily calendars for every taste and color. In addition to standard solutions, you will find options with the hourly format of tasks planning, academic and business calendars, templates for tracking health, meal, fitness, and much more.

Yearly 2025 Calendar Templates

Here is a section with all kinds of yearly calendars in different color and design versions. Choose the item you like, specify the start and final date, and select the week start day (Sunday or Monday). Use the printed calendar as you want, for example, hanging it on the wall of the house or in the office or attaching it to your annual planner for 2025 - 2026.

Digital Monthly Calendars

Digital calendars are available for different tablets and electronic books. Such a helpful thing can always be kept with you and effectively plan schedules and monitor events. Please yourself or close people with a great addition to the digital planner, acquiring one of the options below.

Monthly Calendar Templates

Choose any of the templates you need, including blank or dated calendars, landscape or portrait orientation layouts, options with sections for notes, to-do lists, goals, etc. Effectively control time, remember important matters, and do not get lost in everyday routine.

Horizontal Monthly Calendars

Quarterly calendars 2025

Control your affairs in the quarterly format, opening a detailed picture of relevant tasks for several months ahead. Evaluate the convenience of using calendars by downloading them in the PDF file and printing the right number of pages.

Weekly calendars 2025

Comfortably plan the schedule for a week, view the dates for which certain events are scheduled, and remember about urgent tasks. Print your favorite templates and proceed to their regular use.

Daily calendars 2025

Daily planners include several sections which will be useful in various situations. It is a to-do list & top tasks, a personal notes, a water intake tracker, and the hourly schedule from 6 A.M. to 10 P.M. Three styles of the planner are available — Original, Floral, and Casual.

Hourly calendars

Planning the hourly schedule will make you a well-organized and successful person who will begin to achieve what he desired thanks to the developed everyday routine. Do not forget to attach these useful templates to your notebook or bullet journal.

School & Academic Calendars 2025 - 2026

The following layouts will be excellent assistants for teachers and organizers for students. Planning the study schedule, viewing information about sessions, tracking academic performance, managing studies affairs, and much more - all this is available in these convenient calendars.

Business Calendars

Add these templates to your business planner and begin to more effectively manage the tasks related to work and finances. Make notes, write down ideas about the development of business projects, track meetings with colleagues, control money incomes, calculate expenses, etc.

Birthday Calendars

Use any of the calendars below to track the birthdays of relatives, loved ones, friends, and employees. Remember the holiday dates, congratulate people on B-Days, give them joy, inspirations and leave more positive memories.

Two year calendars 2025 - 2026

It is very easy to work with Two-Year Calendars. Take notes, mark the required dates, and track events over the next two years. The printed template can be attached to your paper planner or notebook or hung on the wall in the office, home, etc.

Three year calendars 2025-27

Calendars for three years give more free space for long-term planning and viewing of any tasks. You can choose suitable page size, including A4, A5, Letter, Half-Right, Happy Planner, or Filofax. Set up the required parameters, download PDF, and print the sheets.

Health Calendars

Never forget about the health and well-being of yourself and your relatives. These templates are for people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, feel great, take care of loved ones and be happy. Do not even doubt their usefulness! Purchase them and begin taking care of your health.

Other Calendars, Schedules, and Planners

View several more additional templates. Pay attention to the photo calendars. You have the opportunity to use a free online editor and configure things such as personal images, text, graphic elements, and so on.

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