Chore Chart Templates


Have trouble dividing chores between your family members? Check out the innovative chore chart for digital planners.

Sometimes it can be difficult to organize your home life, especially when you have kids! To help your household run smoothly, you should look into downloading digital or printable chore chart templates PDF. You are able to download various templates, including daily, weekly, and monthly task lists! Each template is fully customizable, and you can choose between A4, A5, letter, half letter, Filofax, and happy planner!

Chores & Cleaning Planner Templates

Create a cleaning checklist for every day and write down everything you and your family members need to do around the house. Track progress in a convenient format, leave reminders of important to-do's, set deadlines for completing tasks, and keep your home clean and tidy.

Chore Chart Templates For Kids

Browse the selection of the best chore chart templates and choose the one that will help you reach your goals. Download it in a convenient page size and print it out at the office or at home. Alternatively, upload it to your iPad or Android tablet and use via Goodnotes or a similar app if you are into digital planning for more flexibility and convenience.


Choose your favourite template from this wonderful collection, customise the size of a page and once you are happy with your blank printable chore chart template, click the button to download it to a PDF which allows you to either save the chore chart on your smart tablet, iPad and smartphone, or easily print the sheets off to paste around the house.

Why using chore chart?

Keeping your family is easier than ever with the digital chore chart templates and is the perfect solution to keep your life under control and organized throughout the week.

These helpful templates are a great choice not only for adult family members! For example, all parents understand that it can be difficult to motivate their children into doing some household chores around the house. Therefore, by having a fun and customizable chore chart plan that you can personalize with your kids, it will help them become motivated and invested in helping around the house. When children complete chores from a young age, it provides them with the opportunity to develop a sense of responsibility, improve time management skills and foster a good work ethic that will help them throughout the rest of their life. It also provides them with a sense of accomplishment when they receive a reward once they have completed their tasks.

With the chore chart templates, you can create a reward system: add a sticker reward for every chore completed, or a reward at the end of each month! The choice is completely up to you, but the anticipated reward at the end will help keep your children motivated and help them learn faster!

Chore Chart Templates by OnPlanners

All the templates are available in various sizes including A4, A5, Letter, Half Letter, Filofax and Happy Planner (Big, Mini, Classic). Therefore you can easily customize the page size before downloading a sheet.

These blank chore chart templates are also perfect for teachers who wish to assign special tasks for their students around the classroom or help businessmen and women plan their business tasks and personal goals! All of the available chore charts are age appropriate (toddler chore sheet, preschool, teenager and more) and creative and appealing in their own way!

If you are looking for a template for kids, it’s important that they understand what is expected of them. So choose a chore chart that fits their age group so they can easily comprehend the routine they need to deal with and tasks to do! Work with your kids to choose a design that everyone is excited about! For younger children make sure to use a lot of pictures to explain the task, whereas for older children you can choose to provide more details. With digital chore charts, you can keep your children accountable when you are on the go to make sure they keep up with their tasks by downloading the chore template onto all of your devices!

Before getting a template of your choice, please feel free to download a free printable chore charts sample to see if it looks and feels nice enough and will help all your family do the family chores, clean the room from dust, tidy up bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen, throw out trash, take clothes to the laundry, etc.

Choose a family chore chart that fits your needs and never feel disorganized in your home, work or school life again! Digital planning is a solution for the future. Make sure you remain organised in every aspect of your life from now on!

If you have never used such a tool before, make sure to search for some helpful tips that will make it easier for you to start using the chore chart.

Also, please feel free to walk around the website and browse through other collections of planner templates that will help you become more organized, productive, and successful at work and life.

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