December 2024 Calendar Templates


Browse the selection of the best December 2024y calendars available in various formats, colors and layouts. Determine the purpose of your calendars and task that you want to get done with these templates in order to download the right one and start using it today. All templates come in PDF format that allows you to use these both printed and digital. Download December calendars for 2024y 2024y+1 to print them out or upload to your iPad right now.

Simple December 2024 Calendars

Enjoy the collection of horizontal and vertical calendars that come in PDF format and work perfectly well for your binder, planner or iPad. Choose the fonts that you like, best layout and click the button below the template you like to download it and start using is asap. Also please make sure to choose the page size as well as date range for your blank calendar pages.

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Colored December Calendars 2024y

Add some colors to your planning pages and get the calendars with the colorful design. All calendars are 100% print-ready and iPad-friendly. Therefore, you can choose in which format you want to use them and go for printed or digital usage. Before getting your file, please feel free to download free printable calendars sample to see if the template looks good to you.

December Calendars With Notes & To-Do’s

Upgrade your monthly calendar template with the powerful and very useful sections like to-do list and notes. Add some important points to your calendar with these sections to always stay organized and productive throughout the month and beyond.

Two Months per Page

Want to see a bigger picture at a glance? Then consider downloading monthly calendar templates that feature two months per page format and allow you to fit twice as much information of one sheet. Download the template that you like and print it out at home or upload to iPad to start using it right now.

December Birthday Calendars & Holiday Calendars

Never miss another birthday or holiday again with the beautiful birthday calendars that will help you keep an eye on upcoming occasions and stay up to date with all the birthdays and holidays in December and beyond. Download birthday and holiday calendar template in PDF format now and start using it asap to stay more organized and informed.

Photo Calendars

Decorate your house or office with the custom photo calendars that allow you to add your favorite photos to the professionally-designes templates and get them featured on the calendars. Custmize the design online, add your images and order high-quality printed wall calendars with your photos from OnPlanners.


Things to Know

December calendars are great tools for many people to utilize. They can help people turn around their lives by simplifying tasks and increasing productivity. Using planners is a great way to get thoughts out of your brain and to reduce stress. By logging events and deadlines, people become more productive and inclined to work.

OnPlanners Monthly Calendars

With our collection, you can take control of your personal needs. Monthly calendars are downloadable in PDF format and are numerous and unique. If you are looking for word excel formats, then you'll need to use a free online converter to turn these files into a comfortable format. The planners are usable in many different situations. They can be printed and used like a more traditional planner, or they can be uploaded to other devices and used as digital planners. Either way, they serve their purpose of helping you be productive and engaged.

The calendars also come in a variety of categories with various customization options. They can be purchased for birthdays, holidays, productivity, photos, and more! You are also able to choose what day of the week the calendar should start on, what kind of template you would like it to be (obviously), what size you prefer, and more. They are not stagnant monthly planner templates, but are instead highly individualized, which is part of what makes them so useful. Items with personal interest are much more important for people, and planners that use unique templates can help boost your individual needs.

Printable December monthly planners are especially useful for students and businesses people, but they can be used by everyone! Digital format also allows them to be accessed at any time across devices with ease. This makes planning and adding or altering information much easier than with traditional planners, as well as ensuring that the log can never be lost or damaged.

One of the best things that people can do to keep themselves organized is use a planner. Coincidentally, that is also one of the best things people can do to stay productive and to alleviate stress. The benefits of using planners are great, and the benefits increase in potency when the product is more personal and likely to be used.

To help you stay up to date and never miss an important holiday I've created a list of international holidays and United States national holidays that you may celebrate in December 2024y.

Date Holidays, observances, special days or events
December 1 National Christmas Lights Day
December 2 World AIDS Day
December 3 Giving Tuesday
December 4 Santa's' List Day
December 5 Candle Day
December 6 St. Nicholas Day
December 7 International Civil Aviation Day, Letter Writing Day
December 8 National Brownie Day
December 9 Christmas Card Day
December 10 Human Rights Day, Nobel Prize Day
December 11 Ice Cream Day
December 12 Nothing special to celebrate
December 13 National Violin Day
December 14 Monkey Day
December 15 National Cupcake Day
December 16 National Chocolate Covered Anything Day
December 17 National Maple Syrup Day
December 18 Bake Cookies Day
December 19 National Wreaths Across America Day
December 20 National Ugly Sweater Day
December 21 National Crossword Puzzle Day
December 22 National Cookie Exchange Day
December 23 Festivus
December 24 Christmas Eve
December 25 Christmas Day
December 26 Boxing Day, Kwanzaa, National Thank You Note Day
December 27 National Fruitcake Day
December 28 National Bacon Day
December 29 Nothing Special
December 30 Prepare For the New Year Day
December 31 New Year's Eve

Choose your perfect calendar and download it now to start enjoying this simple yet efficient tool right now.

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