Traveler's Notebook Inserts


Check out the selection of the best Traveler's Notebook Inserts to help you craft the perfect travel plan and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You will be able to detail all your tasks and activities for each day, calculate a budget, make lists of nutrition and fitness, track the contents of bags, mark the places you want to visit, and much more.

Choose the inserts you need and select the page size that fits your notebook. All popular sizes are available, including A4, A5, Letter, Half Letter, Happy Planner, Filofax, etc. Download layouts in PDF file, easily print them, and start using. Let your trip bring a lot of pleasure, joy, bright moments, and unforgettable emotions!

Weekly Planner Inserts for Travelers Notebook

Develop a travel plan for the week, writing down everything you want to do and where you would like to visit during your vacation. By keeping these handy Weekly Planner Inserts, you will not forget any important things and successfully implement your plans.

Monthly Planners for Travelers Notebook

Long-term planning for the whole month ahead is the right strategy, thanks to which you will be able to organize a wonderful trip. Select the layout you like, download it in PDF format, and print. Be sure, this template — truly great refill for your travel planner.

TN Daily Planner Templates

Write down all your thoughts and ideas regarding travel in this printable Travelers Notebook Insert. Take advantage of the opportunity to plan your schedule in an hourly format, so you can quickly check your to-do list and comfortable keeping track of tasks for the current day.

TN Budget Planner Templates

The most important thing in any travel is allocating the budget for the necessary costs. Starting from buying essential goods, food, drinks, and different accessories, ending with booking a hotel room, purchasing travel tickets, and more, control your cash costs and manage your finances comfortably.

Mileage Tracker for Travelers Notebook Mileage Tracker

TN Goal Planning Templates

List your goals and keep track of them with a handy Goal Planner. Do absolutely everything you wanted and fulfill all desires, both yours and those of your loved ones. Quickly choose the version of the layout you like and start making your dreams come true!

SMART Goal Map - Traveler's Notebook Template SMART Goal Map
Ideas Page

TN Meal and Fitness Templates

Take these templates with you and easily track your meal and workout plan wherever you are. Schedule your meals and exercise, track your calorie intake, write down ideas for improving your body, quit bad habits, and move in the right direction.

Daily food diary for Traveler's Notebook Daily food diary

TN Health Templates

TN To Do Lists

Before you set off on your journey, it's a good idea to make a list of tasks to complete. Print out the blank layout you like, grab a pen and start making a to-do list. Write down everything you need to do, from checking packed luggage, taking documents and credit cards, to booking a hotel room, planning a trip, buying tickets, etc.

TN Student Templates

TN Work and Business Templates

Invoice Template for Travelers Notebook Invoice Template

TN Family and Home Templates

TN Social Media Planner Templates

Other Traveler's Notebook Templates

In this section, travelers will find some more templates that can be useful in planning their upcoming trip. Choose the sheets that interest you and fill your traveler notebook or bullet journal with them.

Travelers Notebook Covers

Don't forget to choose a unique cover for your traveler notebook! You can choose the cover for every taste, including classic leather, lovely multi-colored, funny cover with emoticons, and so on. Also, add your custom text to the front and specify the page size of interest. The main thing is that you get all this at the best price! Rest assured, you will be satisfied with your new, incredibly beautiful, and stylish travel planner.

Travelers Notebook Sizes

Format Size (inches)
TN A5 5.4 x 8.25 inches
TN Wide / Cahier 5 x 8.25 inches
TN Midori 4.33 x 8.25 inches
TN Standard / Regular / Narrow 4.25 x 8.25 inches
TN B6 4.9 x 6.9 inches
TN B6 SLIM 4.25 x 7 inches
TN A6 4 x 5.8 inches
TN Personal 3.75 x 6.75 inches
TN Pocket / Field Notes 3.5 x 5.5 inches
TN Passport 3.5 x 5 inches
TN Micro 3 x 4 inches
TN Nano 2.5 x 3.75 inches

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