Student Planner Templates


Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, the study is an important part of the life of students, because it is thanks to a good education that they will be able to get on their feet and achieve success in the life ahead. Especially to simplify the educational process, we decided to prepare a selection of the best student planners for 2024 - 2025. You will also find convenient templates for planning classes and tasks, you can use a variety of covers, calendar layouts, sticker sets and so on.

All of the content we have submitted is print-ready and compatible with applications such as Goodnotes 5, Xodo, Notability, Noteshelf, which are used on Apple iPad and Android tablets.

Digital Student Planners

Our customizable and manageable samples planners are helpful for organizing student life in a smart way. They will help you not to get confused in the educational routine and start learning correctly. You can create an optimal schedule, determine in advance the days off, mark dates for homework, preparation and passing exam and much more. Choose a sample you like and follow our instructions to customize and add it to your digital planner.

Print-ready Student Planners

Make your own personalized planner by choosing a perfect cover and preparing the layout to guide your schedule for the day, month, and even the year ahead. It is easy and simple to organize the study schedule, in addition, it is possible to select the sheet size and format, including A4, A5, Letter, Half Letter, Filofax, Happy Planner. Use different learning styles, record lecture, prepare for a session, check in what subjects you need to complete assignments and much more.

Student's Education Templates

Whether it's in the classroom or in the room in your home, our templates will help you avoid shifting accountability and track your academic success on your own. Get organized, complete your studying hours, mark your grades, keep track of your progress for the actually semester with these education planner templates. Remember, a motivated student with clearly set goals will be able to achieve much greater results in studies and will definitely achieve everything he wants from life!

Pomodoro Planner

Student Project Summary & Task Tracker Templates

Studying comfortably and effectively, plan your projects competently, assign binder tasks and have complete control over the current to-do list. You will be able to specify the name of the subject, set the date of opening and completion of work, add a description, create a bulleted to-do list so you don't forget important things and more. Any reasonable person trying to learn well will appreciate this decision.

Mind Map Planner

Essay Planner Templates

Another one important thing for Student Planner is templates for essay writing. Track sources, keep notes and write absolutely awesome essays. 

Outline Notes
Mind Map Planner

Student Goal Planning Templates

Tired of remembering plans for tomorrow or any other day? Perhaps homeschool via video chat is on the agenda, or you wanted to accomplish something unusual and fun, or maybe you decided to participate in quizzes in algebra or geometry? Don't forget to include a handy template in your planner, or download a PDF file and print to your printer to add to the rest of your notes.

Student Calendar Templates

To better understand your upcoming plan and create your ideal schedule, you should use one of the calendar layouts we've shown. Add important notes and items for every day right on the calendar sheet, mark the date and time for which appointments are scheduled, make general plans for the future. Choose the template you like, click on the download button and enjoy stylish calendars right on your device or in print.

Weekly Planner Templates for Students

Create your weekly schedule with our editable templates. Fill in the lines and tabs with the necessary tasks, make important adjustments and notes. Our layouts will help you step by step to fulfill your goals and enjoy successful results.

Student Daily Planner Templates

A beautiful-looking and easy-to-use diary will allow you to organize your work and weekends correctly. Enter absolutely all tasks in the planner, from the next homework to spending time playing your favorite game on a laptop or playing sports.

Budget & Expense Tracker Templates for Students

If you want to learn how to correctly distribute your budget, be sure to use one of the templates presented by us for tracking your cash receipts and expenses. Thus, you can accumulate funds for the realization of your goals and the fulfillment of desires.

Student To Do List Teplates

With important main goals and secondary tasks in place, it doesn't hurt to add them to your schedule and mark them with a bulleted list. Grab your destiny into your own hands, feel like a really creative, organized and business person. Choose the layout style you like right now and download the PDF file for later printing.

Student Habit Tracker Templates

Build good study habits with our awesome and simple templates. Choose your favorite sheet sample with beautiful inscriptions and stylish appearance, customize the week format, paper size and closely monitor the progress.

Reading Journal & Book Tracker Templates

Monthly Reading
Yearly Reading

Cornell Notes Templates for Students

By comparing typically curriculums, the popular Cornell-style lecture notes can help you maximize your learning outcomes. Avoid using long sentences, quickly fill out the main idea flashcards of the text and lectures in the primary and sidebar and make general notes in the footer.

Printable Notes Pages for Student Planner

Pages are the main component of any notebook and tend to fill up quickly. Extend the life of your notebook or synopsis. Select the sheet format you are interested in and place an order for the required number of pages right now.

Outline Notes
Ruled Grid Left
Ruled Grid Right
Table 2-Column
Table 3-Column
Table 4-Column
List 2-Column
List 4-Blocks
Square Grid Wide

Covers for Student Planner

Update the look of your planner, add beautiful effects to its form and surprise your friends with a unique design. Click on the image to open the file and configure the required components. All of our featured covers are printable for student planner.

Stickers for Student Planner

A huge number of kids and adults cannot imagine their planner without colorful and funny stickers. We offer visitors a wide variety of excellent sticker sets to suit all tastes. Just pick your favorite collection, ready to print instantly and fully compatible with digital planners on iPad and Android tablets.

Student Party Planners

Student life is not only about keeping up with the typical study timetable, attending lectures and taking exams. Do not forget to have fun, plan dizzying weekend parties with your friends! Schedule the most amazing ideas in paper or digital form and turn them into reality!

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