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So you've already browsed Pinterest, found a lot of inspiration and DIY tips, chosen a wedding dress and are ready to become a bride. Now it's time to organize everything, taking care of big things and small details. Wedding is a big day in your life. And it's definitely one of the most difficult things to organize. There are just too many things to take care of: from timeline and menu to guest list and budget.

The good news is you don't need to keep everything in mind. Moreover, you should not do that. Otherwise, you can miss some important details. And you know that the price of mistake may be too high.

The solution is simple easy and helpful printable wedding planner templates. This simple tool can help you keep track of everything and make sure you have reminders and tasks about everything under control and in one place (vendors, flowers, cards, invitations, desired gifts, ceremony timing etc.) These templates have proven to be life saving tools

Digital Wedding Planners

Wedding Planning Checklist Printable

Looking for some simple solution that would help you get prepared for a wedding day? Check this collection of printable wedding checklists. You can choose a template with the exhaustive list of tasks to do and not to forget about to make sure you make your wedding ceremony and wedding reception well-thoutgh-out and organized to the smallest detail. Or you can always go for blank wedding spreadsheets that you can fill out and add your own tasks and reminders.

Click a button to customize and download printable wedding checklist. You can choose the size (A4, A5, Half letter or Letter size), download PDF and print it out at the office or at home.

Printable Guest List Template

The most embarrassing thing that can ever happen to you is to forget to invite someone to your ceremony. That's why smart people use guest list templates to make sure all the guests are on the list and the invitations are sent. Choose the perfect sample for you from a variety of colors and layouts. Make sure you list all the guests and gradually highlight those who confirm their attendance and cross out those who won't come. Use this simple and convenient tool to take this important step under total control.

Download and print out a few sheets to make sure you fit in all the guests on the list. If your guest list is really long, you can print out a few templates and bind them together with the wedding planning binder.

Wedding Party Planner Templates

Once you've decided on the location for your wedding party, you need to plan things like decorations, a food and drink table, musical accompaniment, etc. These Wedding Party Planners are a great guide to planning and keeping track of your tasks. After downloading and printing the layouts you like, you can easily and without unnecessary stress prepare for the celebration.

Wedding Budget Templates

Calculating the budget for a wedding is a time-consuming process. You need to plan amounts of money for various things, including buying a bridal dress and suit for the bride and groom, renting a venue for your engagement, purchasing all the necessary wedding items, hiring a photographer, planning your honeymoon finances, etc.

Take advantage of these handy planners to plan your finances quickly and efficiently. Create a list of everything you need, start planning what to buy, track current and completed tasks, and make the wedding of your dreams come true.

Wedding Party Menu & Grocery List Templates

Creating a guest list and wedding menu is one of the most important tasks to complete before the event. Easily record who you will invite to the wedding and send invitations timely.

Start making a menu of hot and cold dishes, snacks, aperitifs, drinks, desserts, and more. Make your guests delighted with the food and enjoy a beautiful wedding without thinking about any problems and having fun from the heart.

Wedding Ceremony Decorations Templates

Given the abundance of options for decorating a wedding ceremony, the right decision would be to use these templates designed to help you decide how to decorate the venue for your Big Day. You will not miss a single important detail, you will be able to translate all your ideas into reality and have an amazing wedding.


Besides the regular errands, there is one more crucial thing - the budget. You can plan whatever you want as long as your plans fit in the budget. Therefore don't forget that your wedding planning timeline checklist isn't the only thing you should focus on. Wedding budget planner is your must-have tool to make things happen and not to turn your wedding into a source of debts.

Organizing a wedding isn't the easiest task out there. However, the time and energy you invest in getting prepared are definitely worth your while. It will pay off with the bright emotions, smiles and warm memories. Besides, very soon you'll be able to unwind in your chair to enjoy the photos and finally sign and send thank cards.

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