Cornell Notes Templates


Browse the selection of the best printable Cornell Notes templates to employ the widely popular the cornell note taking system. Choose the design that you like, customize the page size and download the file with the template that you like to increase your effectiveness when it comes to taking notes, writing down a lecture, learning new things, capturing the relevant questions, making sure to summarize and not to miss any important things. The templates are available in the most popular sizes with decent margins for hole punching. They are also compatible with iPad so that you can use them digitally.

Cornell Notes Templates

Browse the selection of the professionally-designed Cornell Notes templates available in PDF format. Choose design that you like and also choose the page size that you need andclick the button to download printable and iPad-friendly template PDF to start using it today.

Conference Notes

What is Cornell Notes Format?

Cornell Notes Format help organize content in great ways. That is, when they are used in the correct manner. Cornell note taking involves splitting content into sections, with keywords and summaries giving way to more detailed content. Without a consistent level of organization, the Cornell notes system does not work as it should. Luckily, taking Cornell notes is simple with Cornell notes templates. Our templates help arrange Cornell notes in a consistently successful way that will make note taking easier than ever!

Cornell Notes system divides page into a few parts that are meant to help you organize key ideas, questions, details, description and other important points of your topic and write down the summary at the bottom page. This way you can easily and quickly scan and review notes at a glance.

But, as stated earlier, Cornell notes only work when the content is organized in the right way. That is why everyone who regularly needs to keep track of information should take advantage of our Cornell note taking templates. The templates come in many styles and colors, from original and casual to black and white or colorful. Their size and starting date can also be customized. By giving people the opportunity to choose what works best for them, we ensure that everyone has the best and most productive experience possible. This allow you to create cornell notes template that will work for you in record time.

Outline Notes

Cornell Notes Examples

Cornell notes represent one of the best systems of organization. Whether it be content for a online business or lecture notes for a history class or any other topic notes summary, those who have a lot on their plates need to be using Cornell notes for their work. Unfortunately, Cornell notes can take up a lot of space in documents, both printed and via the internet, and if the content is not organized correctly the note-taking experience can become very confusing. Therefore, everyone should also be using Cornell notes templates to get quick and efficient overview of the key points. Our templates give people the organizational skills they need to make their work or recreational lives more efficient and less stressful. With Cornell notes templates, there is no limit to the use of content or the productivity that can be provided.

Teachers & Students Planners with Cornell Notes

Cornell notes can and should be used by a variety of people. School students and college students especially can take advantage of the continuity that Cornell notes offer. In fact, the Cornell note taking system is a favorite of many teachers and professors. But the system isn’t just for students. Anyone who has a lot of information to organize can be helped by Cornell note templates. This includes freelancers, teachers, business people, and productivity-driven individuals. Because of the numerous use cases, Cornell Notes system also can successfully aid so many people in their various ventures.

These planners contaign Cornell Notes Templates like separate pages in special notes section. But you can set notes pages like page for daily planning. Also we have a special offer for people, who make many notes. Try Cornell Notes Section Book. Here you can create several sections with several type of notes. Hold your ideas in one right place. Enjoy it. 


The Cornell notes template is downloadable as a PDF file, which lends itself to versatility. It also lends itself to a simple user experience which all people can appreciate without hassle. Before downloading please make sure to get free Cornell Note sheet sample to see if it meets your needs. If you are looking for a Cornell notes template word (template Microsoft Word format), excel or Google docs, then you will need to use an online format converter or generator to get the format that you need. That way, it can be used with ease, whether over the internet or printed. With a digital file, the template can be referred to and used without fear of loss.


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