Travel Planner Templates


Traveling is probably the best way to spend your vacations, holidays or even weekends. It's always exciting to plan your next adventure. However, it's very easy to forget or omit something important because preparation to the next trip requires attention to details and even a great level of self-discipline. Otherwise, you risk ending up at the resort without some important things. Needless to say that such mistakes can easily turn your journey into a stressful experience.

The good news is that you can avoid this by preparing thoroughly for the next trip. All using simple and convenient planning tools. Are your someone who likes to do it the old way, with pen and paper? Download the travel planner template and enjoy your booking, vacation planning, packing and traveling experience.

Check out the collection of printable travel planner templates that are available for free download and will help you organize and plan trip. Click the button below the template of your choice to get free sample via email.

Travel Itinerary Templates

Flight tickets, accommodations, souvenirs, activities and places to visit. There are so many things to remember and take care of that even a short road trip quickly becomes too overwhelming. In order to take everything under control and organize the journey, use a trip itinerary template.

This simple trip planner is designed to help you create perfect travel itinerary and make your next travel preparation an absolute breeze. Use it as a road trip itinerary planner template or business travel itinerary template to make your travel experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Download a travel itinerary template or vacation itinerary template in PDF (A4, A5, Half and Letter Size) to improve your planning experience and perfect your next trip.

Travel Budget

Full-Size Printable Travel Planners

Make planning your annual leave for you and your family an easy and fun process. You can simply plan a route, mark the places you want to visit, consider the necessary things to take with you, manage all the current tasks and write down all your thoughts about the rest in a diary.

Digital Travel Planners

These beautiful Digital Planners contain enough of digital travel journal templates. Each Digital Travel Planner have Travel Itinerary, Goals, Health, Meal, Budget Trackers, Notes Pages. Use Daily, Weekly Schedule Pages for planning your Travel. Create Checklists and Task lists and do not forget anything for success vacation. Plan your future travels with using special Sections. This Ultimate Planner is ideal solution for managing your life and journeys. Track Goals, Budget, Health and Wellness, make notes to save your Ideas, plan everything with Digital Travel Planner PDF. 

Packing List Templates

The biggest disappointment of all times when it comes to traveling is forgetting something vital at home. If it's crucial for your comfort, you're usually forced to buy it which increases your travel expenses and worsens your mood. This is not the travel experience you want to go through.

The good news is that it's easy to avoid such situations and even save money. All you need to do is follow a packing checklist that consists of the essentials and stuff you would need during a regular trip. Using the lists is one of the most popular travel tips. So why would one ignore it? Designed by travelers these templates may save you from having bad memories about your long-awaited journeys.

Download the packing list template in PDF and print it in a convenient size (A4, A5, Half and Letter size) to turn packing of your bag into a set of easy steps to take.

Travel Journals

This useful journal will be a great companion on your journey. Write down information about the locations you have visited and plan to visit, as well as keep track of the list of things to do. Build the right trip itinerary and be happy on your vacation.

Shopping Lists

By the beginning of the holiday season, it will not hurt to think in advance what goods and things will come in handy on the road and vacation. Print the shopping list layout in a format that suits you and use the shopping notes sheets right in the store, not forgetting about important products and accessories.

Mileage Tracker Templates

Mileage Tracker


List all the destinations you want to go to. Have fun using convenient and well-thought-out planner travel checklist and templates instead of a messy excel table to enjoy trip and make your next vacation or business trip perfect. From vacation packing process to business travel preparation, it all can be stressful and confusing without a vacation planner. And if you are a traveler who likes to run travel journal and take notes about the experiences and emotions.

Download printable PDF template - trip planner template - to make your next journey an unforgettable and pleasant experience. And remember: Thorough preparation is a solid prerequisite for enjoyable travel.

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