Christmas Party Planning


Check out the selection of the best Christmas Party Planning Templates, created so that you can comfortably prepare for this wonderful holiday, not forget anything important, and meet it in a great mood, in the circle of your family and friends.

Make a party plan, create a list of gifts, write down who you will invite to a gala dinner, calculate the budget, keep shopping and to-do lists, think about what decorations will be at your event, and much more. Let Christmas be a really magical event, its celebration brings happiness and joy, and Santa Claus will definitely visit you on this fabulous night!

Christmas Party Planner Templates

There is a variety of layout options for every color and taste. Everything you may need collecting in this section. Choose your favorite and add these helpful additions to your Christmas planner.

Christmas Customizable Printables

Printable Party Planners

Be sure these planners will be the perfect choice for everyone who wants to get ready for the upcoming Christmas. Select the template you like, customize it to your preferences, and download it as a print-ready PDF.

Party Plan Templates

Thinking of a holiday party? Well, it's time to decide on the venue, organization of events, the number of guests, seating areas for kids and adults, served sweets, first and second dishes, cocktails, etc.

Christmas Gift List Templates

What could be nicer than giving gifts to loved ones and relatives? Christmas is coming soon, so hurry up for gifts! And in order not to forget about any of them, take with you any of the sheets below.

Horizontal Christmas Gift Lists

See for yourself how easy and convenient it is to keep track of gift lists using horizontal layouts. Start preparing gifts faster, give them with pleasure, have fun, and delight those for whom you bought them.

Christmas Guest List Templates

Create a list of the guests you want to invite to your Christmas celebration, and make sure that you complete all the tasks. Check who was sent invitations, write down who responded, leave notes, and more.

Christmas Budget Templates

Even if it's holiday expenses, your money must be counted. Be sure to use the Christmas Budget Template so that you do not experience unnecessary stress, effectively plan finances, calculate the budget for a certain time ahead, track spending, and remember important financial matters.

Christmas Shopping List Templates

Go to the store for pre-holiday shopping with a Shopping List. It's a very useful and practical thing that makes it easy to track what you need to buy. Get yourself a free PDF sample.

Christmas To Do & Checklists

Write here everything you want and plan to do for Christmas. See for yourself how convenient it is to have a to-do checklist at hand, quickly plan everything for the next weeks and keep track of current tasks.

Christmas Decorations

Get started planning decorations for your holiday now! There is not much time left before Christmas and if you want to spend an unforgettable time with family and friends, use one of these cool layouts.

Christmas Food & Drinks

Develop a detailed menu for your party, and make lists of products that you need to stuff your fridge, freezer, and pantry in advance. Think about which side of the table the attendees will sit on. Delight guests with tasty dishes, snacks, appetizers, desserts, etc.

Christmas Calendars

How cool to count down to the approaching Christmas! Stick to this wonderful tradition along with your calendar, count down the day by day for Eventbrite, mark the various tasks, write tips, and get ready to meet the magic. Select the week start day (Sunday or Monday) and download the PDF file or email it.

Christmas Ideas

Do you have creative ideas? For example, hang a Christmas wreath on the door, make festive ornaments, decorate the dinner table, prepare hot chocolate and cookies for children, put gifts in socks, wear a sweater sewed by your grandmother? Write down absolutely any thoughts, and do not forget to implement them.

Ideas Page - Christmas Mood Theme Ideas Page

Christmas Stickers

A plenty of stickers are collected in this section. Be sure to add them to the pages of your paper or digital planner and create a truly festive atmosphere in them.

Christmas Covers & Quotes

These covers look great in hardcover and softcover, suitable for different coils and binders. Here you will also find many thematic quotes that will fill you with Christmas magic and delight you on the eve of a wonderful holiday.

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