Binder Cover Templates


Browse the selection of the best printable binder covers and use these professionally-built designs to create your own personalized cover for your binder planner. If you want to decorate or personalize your binder with the unique and original design, this is the right place to look for artist-designed creatives.

Discover various styles ranging from original style to business and casual styles to floral and colorful designs as well as funny, cute and chic binder covers and more. Choose the cover design that you like and the one that fits your style & mood and customize it to your needs in record time online for free to download printable PDF that you can turn into a beautiful cover in seconds via all printers.

Casual Binder Covers

Browse the selection of the stylish back to school covers printables that feature casual style. Choose form various designs randing from creatives featuring clouds, flamingos, American flag and the like. There are options for everyone, no matter what style you are into, you'll find something that fits your everyday look and mood. Download the design that you like and customize the text on the cover to download your own unique printable binder cover.

Visual Art Binder Covers

Enjoy beautiful and colorful abstract art binder cover designs. These works of art will look great when printed and will definitely add some magic to your organizer. Personalize the covers and download printable PDFs.

Floral Binder Covers

Discover colorful designs that come in floral style and stand out from the crowd easily. Customize online for free and save in PDF format to decorate your planner binder today. Use a rectangle chevron to add your text and name your binder as you like.

Nature Binder Covers

Nature style cover templates are available in all popular sizes like A5, A4, Filofax, Happy Planner. Also you could use this covers for Digital Planners.

Animal Binder Covers

Enjoy cool covers in Animal Style. These cover designed for people, which like animals and covers designed in Snake, Giraffe, Leopard, Zebra skin styles. 

Funny & Cute Binder Covers

Let your binder share your mood and reflect your personality. Choose a colorful and funny design, add your custom text on it and download a printable file with your template to print the sheet out easily at the office, at home or at a local print shop.

Love & Astrological Covers

These covers associated with horoscopes, astrology, and love. Try these covers for making your planner nice and pretty.

Business Style Binder Covers

If you prefer more reserved and simple design, please make sure to consider business style covers that feature minimalist and black & white artwork and patterns. Customize the text to create your own unique cover for your favorite binder.

Composition notebook covers

Check out these cover templates available in all popular sizes, including A4, A5, Letter, Half Letter, and Filofax. Create an exquisite cover, highlight your taste and style, and enjoy the look of your unique planner or notebook.


Add your text on the cover template to decorate your new binder or breath new life into an old one with the beautiful binder cover design.

Customize the design to your preferences and make the cover of your planner reflect who you are. Before ordering the final cover, please feel free to download free printable cover template sample to print it out at home to try it out and see if it looks exactly like you want it.

Besides, you can also get premium lifetime access to the entire collection of planner templates and binder covers to be able to download as many covers as you want as often as you need and always have enough planner templates in your arsenal for efficient and enjoyable planning or journaling.

How to make a perfect binder cover:

  1. Measure the size of your binder cover.
  2. Decide what color scheme, patterns and style you want it to feature.
  3. Find and customize the template with the preferred design from this collection in the right size.
  4. Download printable PDF
  5. Print it out at home, office or local print shop with the best resolution.
  6. Use glue to attach the printed page to your cover or use sticky paper.

If you are looking for something more sophisticated than covers printables, you can, for example, search for DIY padded binder cover tutorials and create some really unique cover. However, these printable templates look definitely better and they are super easy to use.

Before ordering your cover, please make sure to download free printable binder covers samples to see if they look nice with your planner. Click download button to customize the text via OnPlanner binder cover maker and get the latest designs featured on your cover.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cover Binders

What are binder covers used for?

They can be used to decorate your binder and mark it accordingly to make sure it stands out from the rest. If you have a few planner binders, besides unique spine label stickers, you can use different DIY binder covers for each separate planner to distinguish them at a glance.

What’s the format of binder covers?

The designs are available in PDF that you can open via any browser and is compatible with all printers.

What sizes are available?

The printable covers are available in all popular sizes including A4, A5, Letter and Half Letter.

What printer do I need to use to get these printed?

PDF file that you get is compatible with all printers. So just make sure your printer prints in color if you choose a colorful template and go ahead.

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