Check out the selection of the best trackers that will be great tools for you on completely different occasions. These templates will help you manage your time wisely, set goals for the future, track progress, and more. Be well organized and motivated to succeed, achieve the desired results in any endeavor and get better every day.

Daily Task Trackers

Use these templates to stay on top of the primary and secondary tasks that need to be done on a given day. Timely tracking of your daily activities will make an essential contribution to your productivity and change your lifestyle for the better.

Weekly Task Trackers

Create a weekly to-do list, highlight each priority, and track progress on daily tasks. Enjoy the convenience of using trackers by selecting and printing the layouts you want and attaching them to your planner or notebook.

Budget Trackers

Budget tracking templates are a very helpful thing for a person who wants to stabilize and improve their financial situation. Track your finances every day, summarize your weekly totals, and view a detailed monthly report. Monitor incomes and costs with comfort, easily manage invoices, accumulate savings, and much more.

Car Fund Tracker
Donation Tracker

Habit Trackers

Add any of these handy habit trackers to your planner or bullet journal. Use them to achieve your goals, break bad habits, or accomplish any other task. Don't hesitate, if you stick to the set rules, visible progress will be soon.

Meal Trackers

Organize your meal plan for the week ahead and easily track your breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. Enjoy all the benefits of effective nutritional management with these awesome trackers!

Fitness & Workout Trackers

Monitor your fitness and workouts with these handy trackers. Create an exercise plan, develop a meal schedule, track your calorie intake, check for changes in weight, muscle mass, etc.

Health and Wellness Trackers

Mood Trackers

Mood greatly affects our health, well-being, and productivity in any endeavor. Tracking your feelings and emotions will allow you to conclude the general emotional state and, if the situation requires it, to start improving it as soon as possible. Print the templates you like and attach them to your planner or notebook.

Goal Trackers

Now is the time to realize your goals, and the goal tracking template will be the perfect solution for your success. Here are the best layouts for you to prioritize, create an action plan, set a project timeline, and effectively track progress.

Password Tracker

During the flourishing of digital technologies and the development of the World Wide Web, storing passwords in virtual form is not the most reliable way, given the abundance of digital fraud and the real threat of hacking of user's confidential information. Use the time-honored method, write down important data on paper, and rest assured that no one will gain access to your passwords.

Birthday Trackers

In this section, you will find a variety of birthday calendars, thanks to which you will not forget about upcoming birthdays and will be able to congratulate people important to you in time. Keep track of solemn dates, leave useful tips, for example, about what you will give to the birthday man or woman, and do not miss any event that requires your attention.

Contact Trackers

Contact trackers and address books will allow you to store all the comprehensive information about the people important to you in one place. It is very easy to get the template you like. Just choose the sheet size, download the PDF layout and print it out.

Appointment Trackers

Here are the most popular appointment trackers that come in handy when planning your daily schedules and can ensure that you remember all upcoming appointments. Put key tasks on the agenda, view events on the calendar, and conveniently mark meetings that have taken place.

Social Media Trackers

These trackers contain everything you need to develop an effective strategy for promoting your social media accounts. Plan marketing and advertising campaigns, keep track of the audience of subscribers, analyze the competitor market, check monthly statistics on attracting new customers and let your online project please you with excellent results.

Grade Trackers

These templates are popular with both teachers and students. Track grades in a convenient way and stay on top of academic performance in a particular subject. Choose the template you like, download it in PDF format, send it to print, and add it to your planner.

Other Trackers


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