Weekly To Do List Templates


Routine Planner Template
  • Morning Routine
  • Afternoon Routine
  • Evening Routine
Full Daily Undated Template with Custom Schedule
  • Date
  • Motivation
  • 3 Priorities
  • To Do List
  • Don't Forget
  • Plans & Shedule
  • Money In / Money Out / Balance / Comments
  • Water Intake Tracker
  • Mood Tracker
  • Exercise / Health
  • Greatful For
Week in 2 Pages Extended Template - Minimalist Style
  • The Week Off
  • TOP Priorities
  • Assignment
  • Deadline
  • Shopping List
  • Habits
  • To Read / Learn
  • Meal Plan
  • To Do List
  • Water Intake Tracker
  • Notes


Browse the collection of printable weekly to-do list templates available in PDF format. Choose the style and layout that you like and feel comfortable working with and save it on your device to print out in minutes at the office or home and start using today. Use these templates to create prioritized lists and organize your tasks, chores, items to buy, appointments, assignments and everything you set out to do during a week in one place to get a simple weekly overview of workload and schedule. These professionally-designed worksheet templates are made to help you be more productive and organized every single day.

Customize these weekly planner printables by choosing the perfect size of the page you need for your planner or binder and download printable lists. If you need more planner templates to improve your efficiency and master your time, browse the collection of printable planner templates that offers a great variety of designs including daily planner templates, task list template, habit tracker templates, goal setting sheets and more. All available in PDF format that you can easily convert in excel or doc for easy editing.