Simple grocery list template


Do you often come back from the store and realize that you forgot to buy something? A grocery checklist is a great way to deal with such situations.

This grocery list template has an extremely simple design and is easy to use. It consists only of one page. The printable grocery template is divided into two parts. The first part is for the list of the items you plan to buy. Just write down all the things you need. The second part is designed with a large number of dots. Here you can put a tick when you bought the item or write down the number of certain products you need to buy. Use your creativity and imagination to make this grocery list the most productive for you and effective to use. Let it be your favourite!

Sections available in this template:

  • Grocery list section
  • Section with dots
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Ida Kangni

J'aime bien votre page; c'est bien structurée.
merci pour le partage

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