Chores & Cleaning Planner Two Page


Household chores, especially cleaning, can be a time-consuming process, so check out the Chores & Cleaning Schedule Templates to remember about all your responsibilities. This is a very helpful thing, as it allows you to record absolutely everything that you want to do around the house, both on certain days and in a weekly or monthly format.

Easily plan your to-do list for the near future, take into account the frequency of repetition of tasks, check what needs to be done and tick off what has been done. For example, from Monday to Thursday, you can clean your bedroom and the rest of the rooms and schedule a bathroom cleaning for the weekend. In any case, regular cleaning in the house is the key to its beauty and comfort, and despite the jobs spent, you will be happy with the result.

Sections available in this template:

  • Daily Chores;
  • Weekly Chores;
  • Monthly Chores.
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