Travel Itinerary Template


Regardless of whether you are going on a road trip for leisure, business, or any other affair, you need to properly prepare for the upcoming event so as not to forget about anything important. A customizable travel itinerary template allows you to easily plan a route to your destination, make a list of things to do before, and write down what kind of luggage you will take with you.

Also, this template offers the possibility of detailed planning of a transfer (be it a flight or a car trip), resolving issues with booking a hotel, making a list of your actions, etc. Choose the paper size you are interested in, customize cutting marks, download the PDF, and print as many sheets as needed. Let the organizing of your trip be an entertaining and interesting process, and the travel itself brings a lot of pleasure and comfort.

Sections available in this template:

  • Destination;
  • Start / End;
  • To Do Before;
  • Packing List;
  • Departing Flight;
  • Car Rental;
  • Hotel;
  • Activities;
  • Returning Flight.
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