Two-pages monthly budget plan


Two pages monthly budget planner template with classical design and many useful features. 

Sections available in this template:

  • Giving Section, where you can keep your Tithe and Charity.
  • Housing Section for managing your expenses for Primary Mortgage, Rent, Maintenance, Repairs, HOA Dues, etc.
  • Utilities such as Electricity, Water, Gas, Trash, Phone, Internet, Cable.
  • Transportation Expenses: Gas, Repairs/Tires, Registration & Fees, Public Transportation, Car replacement sinking, etc.
  • Food: Groceries & Eating Out.
  • Entertainment & Vacation.
  • Insurance Section: Health insurance, Car insurance, Life insurance, Homeowner/Renter payments, Identity theft, etc.
  • Medical/Health Expenses: Prescription/Medicine, Doctor visits, Dentist, Eye doctor, Vitamins.
  • Personal Expenses: Personal care/Toiletries, Child care, Clothing Adults/Kids, Shoes, Dry cleaning, Hair cuts/Salon, Gifts, Subscriptions, School tuition, Books/Supplies, Baby supplies, Pet supplies, Pocket money, etc.
  • Debt Payments: Car payments, Credit card repayments, Student loan repayments, Snowball, etc.
  • Saving Section: Emergency fund, Retirement fund, College fund, Vacation fund.
  • Side hustle: Expenses, Taxes, etc.

All sections have blank extra fields for your custom items and Total box for summarizing each part of expenses.

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Perfect addition to my junior discbound. Easy to cut print. I would definitely puchase from this shop again

11 Oct, 2020
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Printed out beautifully, thank you!

21 May, 2019
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