Goal-oriented budget template

If you have a goal of saving for education, retirement, emergencies or for a trip, this goal-oriented template will definitely be useful for you. The perfect way to save money is to create a spending plan or a budget. And the first step is to identify what you are spending money on.

This printable planner may seem strict and complex for the first view. But when using it, you will realize it’s usability. It is divided into blocks which relate to monthly bills and savings. There is a ready list of fixed expenses and some free space below this list to add your personal ones. The budget planner is designed for three separate goals for saving money. Keep track of goal balance and actual savings of each month. Let this template be your best one.

Sections available in this template:

  • Checking: Starting balance/Ending balance
  • Date due, Paid, Bill name/Description, Projected amount, Actual amount
  • Savings: Starting balance/Ending balance
  • Saving goals: Goal date, Goal name/Description, Goal to save monthly, Goal total, Actual saved this month, Goal balance
  • Income
  • Checking Deposits
  • Actual Bills
  • Actual Savings Deposits
  • Ending Balance
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