Simple Monthly Goal Review Template - Casual Style


Be sure that together with the Monthly Goal Review Template you will bring clarity to your daily lifestyle, free yourself from oppressive thoughts and be able to concentrate on achieving your goals. The progress made in a month will be a result that reflects the correctness of your actions and will help increase productivity.

Print out the template and write down all your wins and mistakes for the month in it, while planning the steps that you will take next month.

Sections available in this template:

  • From 1-10, How Do You Feel Overall About This Past Month?;
  • Review Your Last Month (Celebrate your wins and reflect on your losses);
  • Biggest Wins (List 3-5 major accomplishments of the last month);
  • Biggest Mistakes (List 3-5 things that didn't let you make the most of the last month);
  • How I'll Improve (Elaborate on the steps you're going to take to make next month great).
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