Simple Monthly Goal Review Template - Floral Style


Competent organization of oneself and prioritization opens the door to reach new achievements and success in various matters. Get started with the Simple Monthly Goal Review Template in a beautiful floral style. You will be surprised and impressed at the same time with what you can achieve if you stick to a personal strategy for reviewing and planning goals in a monthly format.

Sections available in this template:

  • From 1-10, How Do You Feel Overall About This Past Month?;
  • Review Your Last Month (Celebrate your wins and reflect on your losses);
  • Biggest Wins (List 3-5 major accomplishments of the last month);
  • Biggest Mistakes (List 3-5 things that didn't let you make the most of the last month);
  • How I'll Improve (Elaborate on the steps you're going to take to make next month great).
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