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This helpful template will allow you to write down absolutely anything related to you and your life in detail. As a result, you will be able to see how the situation is at the moment, know what can be changed instantly, and understand what actions should be taken to achieve the desired improvements in the future.

Sections available in this template:

  • My name is;
  • I am grateful for;
  • I am inspired by;
  • I believe in;
  • What I love about my life;
  • What I dislike about my life;
  • My main concern is;
  • What I'd like to improve;
  • What I'd like to get rid of;
  • I want to learn how to;
  • What makes me happy is;
  • I'm looking forward to;
  • I just can't get enough from;
  • What makes me feel prettiest is;
  • I disapprove of;
  • I am obsessed with;
  • If I could go anywhere I'd go to;
  • If I could have one wish it would be;
  • I will make the world a better place by.
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