Simple Food Diary

The food diary is made to help keep us honest with ourselves. When you have a task to write down everything you eat during a day, you become more aware of your mistakes. Using such template people tend to think twice before choosing some snack full of calories.

This food diary template has a black and white design. Here you can find a simple table which is designed for one week. Fill in the time of your meals, your mood, quality of food and its calories. This template is ready to print. Keep it with you in your daily planner or put it on your fridge in order to not forget to fill the table. Make your own notes in the section which is on the bottom of the page. Try this template and feel its usability.

Sections available in this template:

  • Week of
  • Days of the week
  • Time
  • Food/Drink
  • Mood
  • QTY (quantity)
  • Calories
  • Other
  • Notes

Customize and download this printable template:

Download Printable PDF

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