Schedule Maker Templates - Create Your Custom Schedule


Schedule Maker Templates will allow you to organize a personal system for managing your time. You can efficiently plan and track tasks, view checklists, leave notes, use the calendar, etc. The selection includes the best digital and printable planner options. You will find everything you need to manage your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule, including household, study, and work activities. Choose the templates you like, download them, and enjoy using them coping with any task with ease.

Digital Schedule Makers

The Schedule Builder provides you with a set of helpful digital tools so that you can develop the optimal schedule. Easy to use, simple to work with. Choose the scheduler you are interested in, and configure it free online according to your preferences. Available for reMarkable, Supernote, BOOX Note, and Kindle Scribe tablets. It can also be downloaded to iPad or Android by uploading to popular handwriting software (Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo, Noteshelf application).

Weekly Schedule Makers

Start using these sheets that can completely change your lifestyle and make you a well-organized and successful person who knows how to properly manage his time. Create a schedule template, and specify all the parameters you are interested in, including the week start day (Sunday or Monday), page size, and cut marks for your paper planner, bullet journal, or notepad. In addition, you can choose a digital version of the layout, customize it and get it in PDF format.

Daily Schedule Makers

Let every day be productive for you! Get any of these great templates and start planning your daily schedule. Be sure it is a great thing for efficient scheduling, monitoring your activity, keeping track of all sorts of tasks. You can print the layout, share it via email, or purchase the electronic version.

School and College Schedule Makers

Easily plan study tasks, develop a personal schedule, calculate how much time you will spend studying, write down how you want to spend your holidays, track your progress, achieve academic success now, and create a to-do list for the next semester. Many users around the world have already appreciated the quality and ease of use of the template, so do not delay - join!

Work Schedule Makers

It doesn't matter what your schedule is, shift or permanent, connected with work in the office or remotely - you have a great solution for organizing your work affairs! Together with one of these templates, you will see positive changes in your work, will be able to effectively control your to-dos, and be guaranteed to achieve your goals. This is the best alternative to free online schedule makers. Try fully customizable templates. Customize online and download!


By competently organizing your own schedule, you will have the opportunity to effectively manage time, be more productive in any area of ​​reality, and achieve your goals faster. A personal planner will allow you to write anything in it, create to-do lists, track meetings and events, manage projects, and plan activities related to work, study, training, family, etc.

The products and templates in our selection will help you develop the optimal schedule management system for all occasions. Pay attention to options for digital and paper planners. Choose the layout that suits you and customize it to your preferences. 

For example, you have an iPad with the Supernote note-taking app installed and want to download our Dated Weekly Planner in Floral Style. Go to the page with the planner, select the start and the end date of a planner, specify the day of the week start (Sunday or Monday), and download the finished solution in PDF format.

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