iPad Planner Templates


Hello there! In our selection today, we have put together a collection of the best Planner Templates for iPad tablets. It's a wide selection of different planners for all occasions, allowing you to plan and track tasks in a daily, weekly, or monthly format. Compatible with Goodnotes, Notability, Xodo, and Noteshelf note-taking apps. Choose your favorite options, download them in PDF to your device, and start digital planning, being a well-organized, productive, result-motivated person. Let your new planner be a helpful tool in any business and allow you successfully achieve what you want.

iPad Digital Planners

Everything you need to organize yourself and create a productive schedule includes in these digital planners! Enjoy a hyperlinked page structure with clickable tabs and buttons for easy management and scheduling. Handwriting and Apple Pencil are supported. Each Planner includes many layouts and you can customize your future planner according to your preferences and even complete it with additional layouts in just a couple of clicks. Enjoy these perfect planners in traditional digital format. Plan day, week, month, goals, workout, budget, meal, wedding, work and business. He have many Digital Planners for every needs.

iPad Calendars

Using calendars, you can quickly plan a schedule, keep track of dates, leave reminders for upcoming meetings or events, take any notes, etc. A great solution for any person, regardless of his type of activity. Available for digital and paper planners and notepads. It will not only decorate your planner or wall in a room or office but also become a useful organizer and assistant.

Daily iPad Planner Templates

Discover the perfect world of digital planning now. Download the PDF file to your handwriting app. Please yourself a feeling paperlike scheduling tasks on your iPad or Android device. Easily solve everyday tasks, create to-do lists, quickly prioritize, and track progress.

Weekly Digital Planner Templates

A personal weekly schedule system is the best option to achieve your goals and objectives. Browse the planner options below, pick your favorite, customize them the way you want, and get a PDF file to download digitally or for printing.

iPad Planner Templates for Budget

Check out the best digital planners for 2024 - 2025 for budget management. They allow you to plan and track everything related to your finances, control cash expenses and receipts, allocate a budget for certain things, and keep track of bills, debts, loans, savings, deposits, etc.

Work & Business Planner Templates iPad

These planners will make sure that your work is productive and successful! They contain the necessary tools for organizing the workspace at home or office, developing business plans, work analytics, project management, scheduling meetings, tracking client lists, and much more.

Mileage Tracker Template for GoodNotes Mileage Tracker
Invoice Template for iPad Invoice Template
Kanban Board Template for iPad & Android Kanban Board

Goal Planner Templates for iPad

With the help of Goal Planners, you will be able to highlight the tasks that are important to you, correctly allocate your time, and follow the step-by-step process on the way to achieving a particular objective. Look at the templates we have provided, choose the ones that suit you, customize them online, and enjoy using them.

SMART Goal Map Template for GoodNotes SMART Goal Map

iPad Templates for Health & Fitness

Open your health and sports marathon with these templates. You have a wide selection of habit, health, fitness, weight trackers, daily life, nutrition, workout planners, medical expenses logs, sleep, and steps trackers, etc.

Wellness & Self-Care iPad Planner Templates

Take care of your well-being by taking notes in one of these great planners and tracking your self-care from every possible aspect. They are easy to navigate, and have a hyperlinks page structure with active tabs and buttons. Try it yourself, and you won't regret it!

Daily Wellness Journal Template for GoodNotes Daily Journal
Wellness Goals Template for iPad Pro Wellness Goals
Vision Board Template for Notability Vision Board
Notability About Me Template About Me
Your Purpose Template for iPad Your Purpose
iPad Mind Map Planner Template Mind Map Planner
iPad Template My Happy Place My Happy Place
Self-Love Letter Template for iPad Pro Self-Love Letter

Meal Planner Templates iPad

A lot of users have recognized the benefits of these templates because thanks to them, you can really improve your diet, plan meals on time, and monitor the condition of your body. Do not doubt your choice! Just try to work with any of the planners and see for yourself how convenient and effective it is.

Student & Teacher iPad Planner Templates

Teaching and learning can be much easier and more efficient with Teacher & Student Planners. Virtually any academic task and goal can be planned and tracked in these templates. You can choose the option that suits you for printing or digitally.

iPad Home & Family Templates

By taking notes in your personal home, family, and household planner, you can create an optimal system for taking care of your home, keeping track of your daily activities, and organizing your schedule and the schedule of your relatives. Absolutely everything, from a cleaning list to a travel planning layout, is available in this section.


I'm sure here you can find template for all needs. Download templates separately or as part of bundles, import PDF into GoodNotes, Notability or pre-installed handwriting software, use your finger or stylus for taking notes. Manage your time and plan your life simple and effectively without pen and paper. This is the better solution than any free digital planner. All what you require is digital device and perfect iPad Planner Templates from Onplanners.

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